Department of Film and TV Technology

 The Film and TV Technology Department / Digital Media Institute, was founded on the basis of the Digital Film and TV Lab, which was prepared to construct in June of 2002. The Digital Media Institute was formally founded in March of 2003, and it became the youngest department, Film and TV Department, of the Beijing Film Academy in February of 2005.

  The Film and TV Technology Department / Digital Media Institute, has a teaching and scientific research team which is full of youthful, creative and enterprising spirit. We are endeavoring to build a bran-new digitalized teaching, scientific researching and production platform which objects to the domains of modern film, TV and new media technologies, to lay down a complete digital foundation for film production in future.

  The Film and TV Technology Department / Digital Media Institute, is equipped with a complete set of digital film production devices, which ranges from digital HDTV cameras, a digital HDTV editing and processing system in postproduction to a digital cinema projection system, and professional image quality testing instruments, to provide a strong guarantee with equipment for the activities of teaching and scientific research.

  The Film and TV Technology Department / Digital Media Institute will apply itself to train new types of persons of abilities who will master high and new technologies and theories and application skills, and who are needed urgently by the society at present. At the same time, it is actively developing the application research in the domain digital film technology, and undertaking many scientific and research projects given by the National Broadcast, Motion Picture and Television Bureau, Beijing Committee of Education or the Beijing Film Academy. It will also make use of the rich resources in the aspects of film arts and technology to exploit on-line games, which is another bran-new domain in digital media and has an extremely large market. Relative application research work will be done and persons of ability will be trained.