Department of Management

  The Management Department is the cradle to bring up high talents of film and television administrations and management. The teachers of the department have taken charge of the production and distribution work for many influential films and television programs, which has won them great reputation. And they have become the main force in film and television production administration and marketing administration in our country. At the same time, the teachers from this department have engaged in many research projects on film and television culture administration and the issues of film and television production, and published books, articles and teaching materials on film management, which left a big impact in China. Many films planned, produced, administrated by the teachers from this department won the award of Jinji and Huabiao for many times.

  The Management Department offers four learning levels, namely graduate, undergraduate, undergraduate program for students with already two year occupational training and senior occupational education course. In the past ten years or so, the department has educated more than one thousand talents as film and television producers or administrators and contributed a lot to the development of film and television culture.

  The department now has four staff faculties, 18 full time teachers, including 1 professor, 10 associate professors and 4 lecturers. Meanwhile, the department also invites many famous film and television administrators and producers to be its visiting professors or part time professors.Four main courses are offered: Film and Television Production, Film and Television Marketing Administration, Cultural Market Administration and Public Service Administration. The professional basics and professional courses include Applied Mathematics in Economic Management, Film and Television Production, Information System, Professional English, Film Economics, Film and Television Financial Administration, Statistics of Film and Television Production and Releasing, Management Science, Law of Film and Television Economy, Science of Film and Television Audience, Film and Television Human Resources Administration, Administration Science of Film and Television organization, Film and Television Communication, Public Relation of Film and Television, Law of Film and Television Copyright, Science of Film and Television Investment, Medium Operation and Management, Film and Television Marketing Administration.

  Most of the graduates from this department have directly taken part in the production and making of the film and television and involved in the production administration and releasing work of some influential films and televisions, which caused a great deal stir in the society and professional recognition.