Department of Fine Arts

  Department of Fine Art was established in 1959. For 46 years since its establishment, through the collective efforts and hard labor, the department specializes in training talents in film and television design, film and television special effect and film and television advertising.

  The academy took the Department of Fine Art for core construction ----Studies of Fine Art. The courses, Film and Television Advertisement, Film and Television Special Effect and Screen Picture Design, are not only the unique ones all over the country, but also the ones being most popular in market demand. Closely following the development of vanguard art, the fields of new art media has great potential for future developments. The number of the students in the department is 277 of 16 classes. A complete education system has set up which covers the programs of senior occupation training, undergraduates, graduates and doctors. To meet the needs different people, a multi-form and multi-level education is offered, such as undergraduate course for the students graduated from technological academies, extension courses and graduate student extension courses.

  The Department has a teaching team made of highly talented teaching staff, who stand at the front in film and television art, advertisement education, research and artistic creations. It has formed a perfect system of advertisement teaching in film screen design, film and television advertisement creation and production. Over the years, teachers have accumulated rich teaching experiences. Most of them not only have studied the special theory widely and deeply, but also have been provided with abundant practicing experiences, and their film and television works, advertisements and paintings have constantly won awards both at home and abroad. Teaching structure is reasonably matched , not only there is traditional film painting design, but also other directions of specialties including film and television special effect, advertisement creation, advertising theory, picture design, painting, sculpture, architecture, and new media art, which cover several areas of visual art imaging. Furthermore, the Department of Fine Art also invites some famous domestic or foreign artists as visiting scholars or guest professors so as to renew concepts and enrich teaching.

  In the department, there are various faculties, such as Film Painting Design, Film and Television Special Effect, Film and Television Advertisement, Figure Designing, Basic Painting and New Media Art faculty, as well as some laboratories including Film and television Special Effect Laboratory, Advertisement Creating Laboratory, New Media Art Laboratory, and Model Producing Laboratory. Additionally, there is Special Effect Studio, which is provided with complete facilities and advanced prophase-photographing equipments including STEADICAM photographic camera, 12-meter movable lifting arm, and MOTION CONTROL that is the most advanced stunt photographing equipment all over the world at present; and there is also an advanced Post-phase Editing and Composing Studio, which is provided with several G5 Apple computers and complete set of special editing system of AVD, FINAL CUT, SHAKE and MAYA system, with which two-dimensional and three-dimensional digital images and figures could be created, composed and edited there. Apart from these, there are several special art studios, multimedia amphitheaters, computer teaching room, showing hall, and reference room, which all provide abundant perfect and modern substantial support for modern film and television teaching.

  For more than 40 years, the Department of Fine Art has educated a large number of excellent film art designers for Chinese film undertakings, who are the key winners of China Jinji Award, or some are even the winners of Cannes International Film Festival in the category of outstanding art designers. And among them, many have become famous film or television dramas directors, whose works frequently won the awards at domestic or international film festivals. Many have also become famous directors of advertisements, special visual effect, or become great painters. These excellent achievements have won them wide recognitions.