Department of Directing

 Directing Department specializes in training talented directors of film and television. With almost 50 years of hard work, it has trained a large number of excellent directing professionals in the fields of Chinese film and television production. It has made great contributions to the promotion of the prosperity of Chinese film and television undertakings, which impact is felt domestically and internationally.
  Directing is a kind of labor of a very creative and artistic nature. According to the policy of practical training, students are required to have the knowledge and capability in comprehension of literature, art theories and history; good taste in aesthetics and art appreciation; systematic knowledge of the basic rules of film and television directing; video and audio expressive skills; strong combined practical skills and organization capabilities in originality, narration, modeling and sound.
  Directing Department offers 3 majors, fiction film directing, documentary directing, and film editing. It offers doctorial, master and bachelor programs and multi-level programs specially designed for occupational carders or else.
  The teachers of Director Department enjoy good fame for their great achievements in film and television directing, and their works have won various domestic and international awards many times, which made great contribution to Chinese film and television undertakings. At the same time, the teachers have taken full charge of scientific research projects on film art theories, directing and projects of compiling teaching materials. Many books and essays of good scholarship have been published.
  The main courses in Director Department include: Drama, Performing, Video and Audio Language, Directing Art, Documentary Film Theory and Making. And some other basic courses are also offered: The Basic of Cinematograph, The Basic of Film Sound Recording, The Basic of Film Music, The Art of Film Design, Film Sound, Studies on Film and Television Directing Masters, Histories of Chinese and Foreign Films, Analysis of Films, Analysis of Art Works, Analysis of Music Works, Analysis of Literary Works, the Aesthetics Principles, and General Introduction of Art.
  In the periods of their studies, the students are required to be able to shoot some 3-30 minutes long home works, based on the course they are learning, with DV. videotape or film, either independently or finish together with students of other specialties. The degree of difficulty of the work and the length should be increased along the way. During the courses, students' assignments also include: field work, film viewing, research and exchange.