International School

  Developed from its predecessor "the International Training Center" that was founded in 1988, the International School of the Beijing Film Academy is responsible for the teaching and administration of overseas students.

  Since its first enrollment of overseas students in the 1950s, the Beijing Film Academy has made enormous progress in the education of overseas students. The International School has established close links with a great number of counterparts from other countries and China's HK, Taiwan and Macau. The capacity of overseas student enrollment has been increasing each year. The overseas students come mainly from the following 40 countries and regions: Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden, U.K., Australia, Canada, U.S., Sri Lanka, Benin, and so on.

  The Chinese language courses offered by the International School include five levels: beginner, beginner-intermediate, intermediate, intermediate-advanced and advanced levels.

  Overseas students can apply to study film courses with governmental scholarships or self expenses. These courses are at MA level, BA level, junior training level or senior training level.

  Overseas postgraduates are managed by the International School and the postgraduate department of the academy; overseas BA students and training students are managed by both the International School and the various departments.

  The highly experienced staff members and advanced teaching facilities have laid a strong and solid foundation for the education of overseas students.

  Graduates of the International School are playing major roles in the film and TV industries of their respective countries and regions.

  The International School provides convenient learning environment and living conditions. The overseas student dormitory building on campus has 8,000 square meters with 6 floors. There are single rooms and double rooms, both having private bathrooms and shower facilities. Each room has a fridge, air conditioner, dial-through telephone and other amenities. Inside the building there are public kitchens and laundries, classrooms, conference rooms, multi-functional halls and a restaurant.

  The excellent administration and services provided by the International School have created for the overseas students a heart-warming and comfortable studying and living environment.

  Owing to the excellence in our teaching, administration and services , the Beijing Film Academy won the top award in 2002 in the Appraisal of Overseas Students Education and Administration of Higher Educational Institutions of the Beijing Municipality.