School of Photography

     Beijing Film Academy is the oldest photography educational institution in China. Starting in 1986, the picture photography specialty was set up by the photography department. And then in order to speed up the educational system reform and enhance academic construction, the Beijing Film Academy worked jointly with the Chinese Photographer Association and set up the Photography School a subdivision of the Beijing Film Academy in February 1996.

  The Photography School is keeping to its principle of undergraduate education first and continuing education second,It is also developing specialized education at different levels in a more cost-effective manner. The existing professional level is set up as follows: Master degree courses,Undergraduate courses,undergraduate course for the students already graduated from technological academies,courses for senior occupational education of junior college、post-university courses for continued education and courses for continued education. On this basis, we insist on the idea of running a school with a national characteristic that is in line with international standards.

  The school executes a kind of integrated education -- substantial basic and all-round knowledge, and establishes a study system, it is based on photography optics, chemistry, digital processing technology, photographic history and art theories are the basic research subjects, with practical work at its core. We strive to keep the highest quality of professional teaching. Within a limited teaching period, we strive to bring up sophisticated talents who are rich in art understanding, posses a complete knowledge structure, subjectively active, of the first quality and who are good at integration of image with media and society, and who are able to adapt to modern needs, as well as possessing national self-pride, but with an international vision.

  The photography school has world-class professional equipment of photography as its foundation, while respecting traditional photography ideas, skills and techniques; it pays attention to the development of the future of photography, emphasizing the study of the digital image and multimedia technology. The school's teaching equipment is very advanced and complete. This has offered a solid base for bringing up senior special talents that are able to engage in picture photographing, media, image, picture advertisement and art design, photographic theory studies, photography teaching, and other relevant field of work. They should eventually become high-ranking talents both in skills and morality.

  Recently, the Photography School has formed a completely integrated teaching system and a set of scientific training methods with a teaching team whose knowledge structure is well matched. Our teachers for the most part have a professional art background studies and posses abundant relevant teaching experiences. Among the teachers, some are graduates from this academy and some are reputable scholars and experts coming back home from abroad. Through collective efforts, the teachers are striving to educate top-ranking picture photography talents of the world with creative capabilities, so as to keep ahead in the domestic photography teaching and the scientific research field.