School of Animation

  The Animation School of Beijing Film Academy was set up in 2000. It keeps it as its primary goal to educate animation directors and high-level talents for animation production. The school used to be the single animation major under the department of Fine Arts of Beijing Film Academy, which was established in 1952. During the past 50 years, the school has made a great contribution to the development of Chinese animation industry. Many famous Chinese animators, outstanding animation directors and production talents of different generations have been graduating from the school, such as A Da (Three Monks, Director), Dai Tielang (Police Officer Black Cat, Director), Yan Dingxian (Prince Nezha's Triumph Against Dragon King, Director), Lin Wenxiao (Child of Snow, Director), and Hu Jinqing (Yu Bang Xiang Zheng, a Chinese water color painting and paper cut animated short film, Director), etc. The school offers 4 MFA programs, including Animation Production Theory, Animation Production and Multi-media Application, History of Animation and Screenplay Writing for Animation; 4 BA programs, including Artistic Animation, Computer Animation, Cartoon and Comic, and Game Design; 4 junior college education programs, including Cartoon and Comic, Computer Animation, Character Animation Design, and Game Design. The school also provides programs of occupational certificate training and continue education.

  The Animation School carries out a training solution combining new digital technologies with traditional animation production skills, focuses on animation production, and implements the integration of production, education and research on animation, visual effect, game and multi-media disciplines. The school pays a special attention to the academic exchanges with colleges and universities in the same domain internally and internationally, making it open to new ideas and technologies for animation education. The school has a lot of advanced facilities for animation education, including two animation production studios, one motion capture lab and one 5-dimentional animated film lab, which provide an excellent circumstance for animation education, production and research.

  Many textbooks on animation have been written by the teachers of the school, such as Modern Animation Design, Dictionary of Animation Art, Advanced Tutorial for the Post-production of Digital Film and Video, Tutorial and Case Study for Maya, etc. These textbooks have received very good appraisals from readers. The school will successively publish more than one hundred new textbooks, which will become an animation textbook series with the most abundant contents in China.

  The Animation School has great teaching team which keeps the school to stay at the front in the animation field. Teachers and students were sent many times abroad to take part in animation film festivals and got awarded in recent years. In order to promote the animation creations, starting from December 2001, the school organizes an annual nation-wide animation competition, named the Academy Awards of the Animation School of Beijing Film Academy for the college students as well as for animation lovers, so as to provide them the opportunity to exhibit their works, which were supported by people of all circles and made a big impact in the field.

  In its future development, the school strives to widen its ranges of its academic teaching, set up new disciplines and new majors which should meet the demand of current animation industry. The school is planning to build up a new teaching and research facility model, consisting of one school (the Animation School), three departments (Artistic Animation Department, Computer Animation Department, and Web, Game and Multi-media Animation Department), and two research divisions (Artistic Animation Research Division and Animation Technology Division). The school will strengthen theory studies and practical animation productions, enlarge the exchange with other colleges and animation studios and firms both at home and abroad, and improve its quality of animation teaching, research and production to a new level. The school will be always trying to make greater contributions to Chinese film and animation industry.