School of Performing Arts


  The School of Performing Arts, originally known as Chinese Central Performing Institute, was established in 1950. It was expanded from the former Performing Department of Beijing Film Academy. The School boasts four specialties: performing art, language skill, vocals and body shaping, and a strong teaching team, composed of 12 professors and associate professors, 18 lecturers and assistants. Over 50 years, with their own teaching and practical experiences, the teachers have laid a very solid teaching foundation for the school's education. The young teachers, with wonderfully inherited sounding teaching concepts and methods from their predecessors, have given a full play to their creative minds and made a great contribution to the field's growth. Collectively, the school faculties have been striving to expand their teaching programs into new disciplines.

  The School of Performing Arts offers nearly 40 courses, including acting basics, professional acting, film basics, other academic basics and practical training courses. During the past 50 years, it has successively run different training programs; undergraduate; teacher's training; special training and programs of professional leader's training; senior occupational training as well as special undergraduate courses for students with general degrees and extended training courses. Up till now, the school has turned out 50 different groups of graduates in the number of more than 1500. In 1991, the college began to run graduate programs and recruit overseas students worldwide.

  The performing school participates actively in academic exchanges and has successively absorbed merits, the advanced theoretical and teaching experiences in the fields of film and drama from Russia, America and Britain. By combining them with the precious heritage of Chinese culture and filmic practices, the school manages to form a pattern fit for Chinese film and television art education. Over a decade or so, the faculty has come up with the publication of 20 academic books, 10 teaching materials, more than 100 academic essays and articles published in the key national academic periodicals and magazines. Meanwhile, the school held professional related academic symposiums frequently. Each term, as required by the academy, it also arranges for a feed-back show, reporting to the whole school whatever learned in performance in the school theatre. The school will recommend students to take part in various artistic practices and activities, whose excellent performances always left a big impact in the circles of film, TV and drama, and the whole art circle as well.

  Being the cradle of many film and TV stars, the performing school has cultivated a lot of highly qualified acting talents for our country. They have created numerous excellent images in many films and TV programs, for which they are honored with various kinds of prizes both at home and abroad, who contributed a lot to the reputation of the academy. Looking into the new era, the School of Performing will encounter as many new challenges as new opportunities. Now the faculty staff is ready to march on with even greater vigorous spirits and determined more than ever to dedicate themselves to the great cause of Chinese cinematic education.