“Condense the Resources and Build Brilliant Future”-The Opening Ceremony of Beijing Film Academy Council


On 28th March, All distinguished guests and friends gathered BFA Cinema for celebrating the opening ceremony of Beijing Film Academy Council.

The leaders and guests who presented the opening ceremony including Counselor of the State Council, President of China Private Business Research Institute BAO Yujun, Dean of Higher Education, Ministry of Education ZHANG Daliang, General Director of Film Bureau, SGAPPRFT ZHANG Hongsen, Dean of Beijing Municipal Education Committee LIAN Xianping, Vice President of Beijing Institute of Technology Professor ZHAO Xianli, Vice President of China Communication University Professor GAO Fuan and so on. Chairman of Academy Council HOU Guangming, President of BFA ZHANG Huijun, Vice President of BFA WANG Liguang, Vice President of BFA SUN Lijun, Vice President of BFA NI Yuehong and more than 60 executive directors, directors of the units presented the ceremony. The opening ceremony was hosted by President of BFA ZHANG Huijun.

The committee screened the short film of Beijing Film Academy Council firstly. The short film made by the committee for reviewing the history of BFA, the achievement of external contact, strategy of internationalization, future of BFA. In the short film, the leaders and famous actors, actress and directors expressed their congratulation to the establishment of Beijing Film Academy Council.

In the speech, Chairman of Academy Council HOU Guangming pointed out that establish the BFA Council is the inevitable choice made by the policy of promote cultural development and prosperity, the development trend of higher education revolution and inner needs of BFA. Beijing Film Academy will cooperate with multi-level resources and build brilliant future with the help from the community and the members of the Council.

After the speech, Mr. ZHANG Daliang, Mr. ZHANG Hongsen, Mr. XIAN Lianping unveiled the plaque with Chairman HOU.

After the ceremony, the symposium of BFA council opened in conference room. The deputy of council members and business people attend the meeting. Vice President of BFA NI Yuehong introduced the construction of new campus of BFA. Vice President of BFA SUN Lijun introduced the information of foreign cooperation, director of Youth Film Studio YU Jianhong introduced the creation of short films of BFA students. All the members of BFA Council expressed their wiliness of establishing cooperation ties with BFA in the fields of education, scientific research, arts creation and training programs.