Beijing Film Academy held 2nd Film and Science Technology Forum and 3D Quality and Technology Summit


On 18th and 19th April, Beijing Film Academy 2nd Film and Science Technology Forum and 3D Quality and Technology Summit successfully held in Medium Cinema. The forum was held by BFA China Film Science Technology Institution, Entgroup and Germany Imcube. The committee of the forum invited China and overseas experts communicated in depth on the topics of 3D technology, concepts and standard of production. The forum is divided into 5 parts, including 3Tec-3D technology summit, exhibition of 3D tech equipments, 3D film showing,world-known experts exchange conference and 3D post-production workshop.

   President of BFA, Dean of BFA China Film Science Technology Institution, Professor ZHANG Huijun gave the opening speech.


                                   The main venue of the forum

The main topics of 3Tec-3D technology summit are 3D and immersive capture and display technology,the new quality standard of 3D production and post production,3D in the entertainment tech of the future,3D underwater photography and 3D visual effects creation and so on. Compared to 1st 3D Tech Forum, this forum has larger scale, more exhibitioner, more advanced technology and films, a higher degree of internationalization. The speeches covered all the technology used from shooting, production to screening; it also showed many 3D films technology of backstage production like Gravity, Tiny Giants, Viy3D. All these elements provided an audio visual feast for Chinese directors, photographer and technicians.

The Gravity which awarded by 7 Academy Awards become the hottest topic of the summit. The organized committee invited Angus Cameron from 3D production team Britain Vision3 Company to share his story with audiences. Angus Cameron explained the function of 3D tech to film narration under the aspect of the production process and shared his design in the process of pre production. He also shared his experience on how to utilize 3D tech reasonably and skillfully in the process of shooting and production, using 3D tech to infect audience and do not leave any trace.

                          Angus Cameron, founder of Vision3, Designer of stereo image of Gravity

Doctor. Schafer form Germany tech institution Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute showed his latest research fruit in the field of digital image processing.

                              Doctor Schafer form Fraunhofer HHI

Sebastian Knorr’s topic is “High Quality of 2D into 3D”. He showed the matters needs to be attention in the technical process of 2D changed into 3D.


                                         Sebastian Knorr form Imcube

                                  CEO Miguel Angel Doncel form Spain SGO

In the forum, the issue of 3D viewing comfort also becomes a hot spot. With the development of 3D content, the audience spends more time on 3D viewing, so 3D viewing comfort becomes the problem cannot be ignored. Professor WANG Tianyong from Beijing Institute of Technology showed his research on 3D viewing comfort.

                            Professor WANG Tianyong from Beijing Institute of Technology

The forum also held in the C building platform of second floor for centralized display area of international advanced 3D Technology, including the Trifocal 3Flex which is just showed up in NAB exhibition and developed by Fraunhofer HHI and other characterized software and hardware products.

                                 Communication in centralized display area

After the speech, with the help form Vice Dean of Film and TV technology ZHU Liang, experts from China and aboard gathered together and communicated in depth of 3D technology and industry developments. Guests and students here asked many questions according to the speech given by experts.


The last activity is workshop of 3D post-production software Mistika and Mocha. Expert David Rivero from SGO explained the advantages of Mistika in solving 3D material defects. Product manager Martin Bennand from Mocha displayed the function of planar tracking and stereo image processing.

In the end, Vice Dean of Film and TV technology ZHU Liang gave the closing speech. He extended their heartfelt gratitude to all the guests and experts and showed his confidence of holding 3rd Film and Science Technology Forum in BFA.